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Old saying "The good die young"
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Phil Scott
medicine forum Guru Wannabe

Joined: 23 Apr 2005
Posts: 103

PostPosted: Sat Apr 30, 2005 5:49 pm    Post subject: Old saying "The good die young" Reply with quote

There is an old saying. "The good die young". There is
also the observation that cancer victims fit a personality
class... subservient.

So maybe its not the 'good' that die young in this regard, but
the subservient.

Recently a friend aged well over 60 got into a motorcycle
accident and broke over 50 bones in his body, was mashed to a
pulp... the doctors gave him a 1 in 100 chance of survival.
That was last June. He just got back on another haul ass
bike again a week ago.

An actual miracle.. he now has a titanium jaw and some facial
bone fragments are still pushed back behind his ear...if his
left leg gets mashed it wont hurt at all...its a titanium
prosthesis....he was blue tagged twice...

But even in a coma he was combative (which is normal in many
cases) real combative the whole time except for a very brief
space at the end when he was thankful.... and in life prior to
this he was combative...and he is still combative. His brain
suffered for a while...but thats all healed now.

I think all of that is symptomatic of a strong immune
(rejection) function. Pathogens of any sort, bacterial or
people or situations that displease one are *rejected

This is not seen as a 'good person' characteristic in our
culture. Subservience is seen as good and is rewarded and
thats what it takes to hold all but the very top position in
most corporations.... subservience. resulting in the the
death of ones own immune system and I believe cause in part of
the inexplicably high cancer rates in the US not seen many
other nations at all.

(there are other causes though, plaque accumulations screen
immune cells from their targets... junk food, meat eating
(prion accumulation) etc does that for a person)

From subservience springs a failure of the body to protect
itself internally and as seen with subservience, externally...
its a package.

Is there a cure? Oh yes. You will find that if you cease
lying, your ability to see your own past destructive and
crappy behavior clears up... then you begin to see others
doing that wall to wall... same baloney. And you see the
damage it does all around and you cease doing it yourself, and
you cease tolerating such behavior in others especially as it
affects you.

Your entire immune system beefs up. In my case for instance
Im aged 64 with a lot of aging skin conditions the doctor
called 'pre cancerous' and some internal conditions in the
same class...over the last 8 years these have all but
vanished... at this point 95% or so gone.. my strenght and
stamina are back,.... and truly I no longer cater to jerks.
But I had to spot them first. And as long as I was one, these
were invisible to me.

The price for such idiocy is debilitation and death... you can
look at many people and see where they stand on this spectrum.
It is also common to see nastyness and subservience go hand in
hand...out of fear the person becomes nasty.. that is not the
same as standing up for oneself.. it just looks that way.

One can be quite decent, in fact thats almost requisite while
refusing to tolerate abuse...its just a firm stand is all..not
a defensive stand either.. its a complete and utter and
instantaneous refusal to tolerate abuse.

If you are in very good shape this goes effortlessly..... its
not something you have control over either .... anymore than
you could stop breathing if someone demanded it.

You will no longer be seen by such a degraded culture as a
'good' person though.. you will be classified in some other
way...oh well.

Kissing the ass of jerks was never actually good ...and it
doesnt even help the jerks, it just enables them to get worse
and worse.. wreaking more and more havoc.. living themselves
more and more miserable lives... these are the pathogens of

These will think you are a 'good person' if you cater to
them... and they will distain you for it at the same time
because of your servile posture.

And the jerks... because of their agression and resulting
stronger immune system will be a mix on the longevity scale..
some will live longer because of that...others will eat their
substance out from within because of all the bile and stomache
acid they generate.... and bad brain chemistry and lack of
friends... these live miserably.

Recntly there has been research on these sorts of
characteristics as they affect health ...the hateful and
abusive have a death rate at any given age approx twice as
high as the average person. . .and probably 5 times higher
than a decent, effectively, aggressive and respectfully non
subservient person.

Phil Scott
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medicine forum Guru

Joined: 28 Apr 2005
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 30, 2005 6:31 pm    Post subject: Re: Old saying "The good die young" Reply with quote

"Phil Scott" <philscott888@sf.sbcglobal.net> wrote in message

Beautiful example of a passive aggressive personality.

Instead of simply calling people jerks you hide behind concocted baloney.
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