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Today's "USA Dot Guv Bites" update- Mark Klempner's Multiple Sclerosis Haplotype (HLA-DQB1*0602)
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2006 12:04 pm    Post subject: Today's "USA Dot Guv Bites" update- Mark Klempner's Multiple Sclerosis Haplotype (HLA-DQB1*0602) Reply with quote

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Subject: Today's "USA Dot Guv Bites" update- Mark Klempner's Multiple
Sclerosis Haplotype (HLA-DQB1*0602)

Date: Friday, July 21, 2006 08:00:40 [View Source]

Please distribute for the benefit of public safety:

On my website, some new links to new data about Mark
Klempner's secret haplotype. You have to go to the
web to click on the links in this text below, like,
especially, to the European patent database which
shows that the CDC staff's patents show CDC knows
there are different kinds of "Lyme disease,"...

'Even though Mark Klempner said, "No, CDC says THIS IS
WHAT LYME IS (arthritis in a knee)," in the audiotape
of his 2001 Rhode Island Diseases of Summer Conference
(where Klempner lies about being "stalked" by Lyme
patients, because the only time he was ever "stalked"
was at that conference, and we "stalked" him with a
tape recorder and captured this dot guv secret about
the genetic susceptibility to get the Multiple
Sclerosis version of Lyme disease)
Multiple Sclerosis- Lyme Connection, Updates Note
that Klempner says *0602 protects you from diabetes,
but that appears to be a changing definition.
Klempner speaking about his Multiple Sclerosis
Haplotype finding, which is still a secret:
Klempner-0602.wmv ( The Klempner Secret Haplotype

Mark Klempner does not use the primers Gary Wormser
uses when Wormser wants to find Borrelia DNA in a tick
to look for Borrelia DNA in humans. That's "The DNA
Shell Game" 'Use the wrong primers. 'Tell people who
have Lyme they're insane and not sick. 'Deny all care
and benefits. USA-Dot-Guv-Sucks did that to the Gulf
War I Vets, too.

Mark Klempner demonstrates that ceftriaxone does not
clear all Lyme infection; ie., spirochetes persist
past treatment

Note that antibody production in MS patients is not
the way to diagnose an infection, like an immune
suppressing infection, like mycoplasmas or Lyme,
because chronic exposure to fungal like antigens while
in some people produce an inflammatory response, in
others, there is suppression of HLA function due to
tolerization (no antibodies are produced).

Yale, Plum Island, and Gulf War Illness- stealth
fungal infections that turn off the immune system (no
antibodies) Stealth pathogens produce no antibodies,
so you can call a sick person a hypochondriac. Gulf
War I vets should sue Yale for creating this mess and
then abusing them. (see Video II, Markers of Disease,
Here) May 27

Note that the CDC is fully aware of MHC-restricted and
MHC non-restricted antibodies in Lyme borreliosis.
That means they know that Lyme arthritis is not the
only kind of "Lyme disease." The other kind is the
immune suppression kind, and Klempner is obviously
aware of it too.

Sanity update from Britain:

An "allergy epidemic" does not speak to the epidemic
of immune-suppression disorders like MS/ME/CFS/FM due
to global warming and new infections. Mycoplasmas
apparently adhere to erythrocytes. Due to the chronic
BullShit on Lyme borreliosis, we are not allowed to be
pointed in the right direction for discovery-
discovery if this erythrocyte compromise is the cause
of fatigue in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Here is the evidence that CDC is complicit in the Lyme
spin (from one of CDC's European patents with
SmithKline- "Partners in Biodefense"
http://www.actionlyme.org/EMBASSIES_CORIXA_TLR_13_JULY_06.htm ):


"Summarv of the Invention
In one aspect, the invention provides isolated
B. burgdorferi antigens which are regulated and
differentiated by growth of the B. burgdorferi in a
tick vector. Novel antigens of the invention are
listed below in Table I.

Certain of these antigens are characterized as being
B. burgdorferi B31 strain specific and major
histocompatibility complex(MHC) nonrestricted. Certain
other of these antigens are characterized as being
MHCrestricted. Sera generated to these antigens (B31
MHC nonrestricted and B31 MHC restricted) are further
characterized by the ability or lack of ability to
react with B. burgdorferi JD-1 strain; the antigens
themselves (B31 MHC nonrestricted and B31 MHC
restricted) are further characterized by being
homologous or heterologous with B. burgdorferi JD-1
strain antigens. The most preferred antigens of this
invention, because of their ability to induce
cross-strain immunity to B. burgdorferi in different
animal haplotypes, are characterized by being B31 MHC
nonrestricted, JD-1 crossreactive, and JD-1
nonrestricted.Other antigens are also useful in
vaccine compositions and as diagnostics."

"MHC restricted" would be like, in people genetically
disposed to Lyme arthritis (Steere's haplotype), the
hypersensitivity (allergy) response would be to OspA.


Among the other BushCo BullShit updates, Bush now says
that instead of Israel growing "tired" at their
successes in fighting USA's Middle Eastern War on
Islam- when we know the USA is fighting *Israel's* War
on Islam [the Securing the Realm for Israel Bush
<-- The PNAC "New Pearl Harbor" project see pages 50
and 51 of the .pdf (Sep 2000) On page 71 of this
document is Israel's policy of getting rid of all USA
welfare and entitlement programs (Social Security) to
instead funnel US tax dollars to pay for Israel's use
of the US military as their free private security firm
and to advance land and property grabs in the oil-rich
Middle East.
http://www.iasps.org/strat1.htm <<-- The policy of
pre-emptive "peace" Securing Israel's Realm, plus
the AEI's "Custodial Democracy" program to
cage black people],

that this new "Poor us; We're tired of being so brave
and successful" complaint of Israel's, is a "BushCo
policy advantage," because instead of the
USA-UK-Israel Axis of Evil being internationally
isolated in their BullShit War on Terror - which is
really a War on Sovereignty - they now have support
from other countries- Israel.


Kathleen M. Dickson

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