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BushCo and Gerberding
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 14, 2006 5:21 pm    Post subject: BushCo and Gerberding Reply with quote

From: Kathleen Dickson <kmdickson0308@yahoo.com>
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Subject: Julie Gerberding's bullSh*t response to the OspA-B diagnostic

Date: Friday, July 14, 2006 13:20:18 [View Source]

Gerberding said OspA and B are not early or important
antigen- yet OspA is the vaccine, which is as stupid a
statement as it gets from the CDC- but the real deal
is Steere found OspB (34 kilodaltons) appeared just
after 41 in Lyme arthritis patients and they say OspA
is what makes Lyme disease Lyme disease.
Here's the report by Steere:
So, Gerberding and the CDC are lying their faces off
about "Lyme disease." Lyme is just another
borreliosis. It happens to be the local one. African
relapsing fever borreliae amazingly adapted to the
local hard bodied ticks, which is exactly the nature
of the Plum Island experiments by Yale:
See the report by Yale's Durland Fish regarding the
competence of African Swine Fever virus and local
[whatever] bugs.
They say these are experiments to see if strange
tropical diseases can "take" to local vectors (bugs),
but these experiments have the exact same value as
developing vector borne diseases to be used as
bioweapons. In Iraq, after Gulf War I, UNSCOM was
looking for "tick nursery" equipment.

The main reason this looks like an "accidental
release" is this obvious BS and cover up by the CDC
and Yale on how serious Lyme disease is, and the fact
that it is a borreliosis- a permanent brain infection.
Otherwise, we would believed this happened adaptation
happened naturally.

I never ran across such BS at BigPharma and did not
suspect it. I realized it was all BS by reading what
Robert Schoen said about Lyme in late May 1998 at our
Clinton, CT tag sale fundraiser for the Lyme Disease
Foundation. There's *no way* this is an anxiety
disorder. People in training for bi- and triathalons
do not suddenly develop hypochondria. We're a bit
used to physical discomfort.

Gerberding, Yale, New York Medical College, and the
CDC are F-o-S and we're not putting up with it. Write
her a letter and tell her we think the rest of the
world, by now, has had quite enough of US-BS exports,
despite Bush saying we're innovators. Our politicians
are wimps, pimps, and hoes, our "scientists" and
"doctors" are incompetent cowards, perjurers, and
capable only of unlimited foolishness, and so that's
who Gerberding is representing.

Write her a letter. I did. It was the only certified
mail I ever sent in my life that I did not get the
return USPS certified mail receipt for. Cute.

Gerberding is an incompetent blowhard like Alberto
Gonzales, which was why she was offered the job.
Anyone offered a job at BushCo should take it as an
personal insult to their intelligence and integrity.

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To: <SpinLyme@yahoogroups.com>
Subject: [SpinLyme] Kelly pushes legislation to fight
Lyme disease
Date: Thursday, July 13, 2006 23:45:32 [View Source]

Hope Kelly gave Julie an earfull. What is wrong with
that woman (Julie)? She
must be just a puppet.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Kelly pushes legislation to fight Lyme disease

Rep. Sue Kelly Wednesday urged passage of
legislation she has
co-introduced in Congress to improve the federal
government's efforts to
prevent and treat Lyme disease and other tick-borne

Kelly also met with the Director of the Centers
for Disease Control
Dr. Julie Gerberding to discuss federal government
coordination with local
agencies in diagnosis and treatment guidelines for
Lyme disease.

"A more coordinated federal effort to fight Lyme
disease is long
overdue," Kelly told her House colleagues while
promoting the bill during a
House floor speech. She co-introduced the Lyme and
Tick-borne Disease
Prevention, Education, and Research Act last year with
U.S. Rep. Christopher
Smith (R-NJ). They have since garnered the support of
more than 70
bipartisan co-sponsors of the bill.

"The epicenter of Lyme disease is in New York's
Hudson Valley, where I
represent," Kelly said. "But incidence rates have
increased dramatically
throughout the country during the past few years. It's
time for the federal
government to assume greater Lyme-fighting

Copyright 2006 Mid-Hudson News Network, a division
of Statewide News
Network, Inc

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