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Migratory MD Morons from Corrupticut
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 11, 2006 8:14 am    Post subject: Migratory MD Morons from Corrupticut Reply with quote

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Subject: Migratory birds and the spread of African diseases like
Borreliosis (Relapsing Fever)

Date: Tuesday, July 11, 2006 04:06:35 [View Source]

Dear Trong,

I just dug out a copy of the report which I gave a
copy of to James Phillips (the Lying Idiot Perjuring
Malpractioner Moron @ 88 Noble Avenue, Milford, CT) in
November 2000, as part of the hard copy of this entire
Note the date it went up and that it has not been
modified since Nov 2000.

In the text they come up with many hypotheses but the
likeliest is mosquitos on airplanes and the sale and
travel of mammals from Africa; horses, birds.

"A small percentage of the populations of a few buird
species migrate in August and September from breeding
grounds in the Old World to wintering grounds on the
Eastern Seaboard of North America."

We know that is unlikely because the West Coast of
Europe is warmer than the East Coast of the US in the
winter. Vector borne diseases are bioweapons. Even
the US Army admits it:

"The Army is contributing $4.8 million toward the
research because the government thinks ticks could be
used in a bioterrorist plot to spread infectious

It is impossible to get through all the BS on Lyme
because of all the idiot "doctors" in Corrupticut that
we both have to *pay for* and *suffer,* as well as pay
for and suffer the incompetence of the CT Department
of Health and the CT Medical Board.

Farther reaching and more damaging than the bogus
theory of transatlantic birds, is the transatlantic
reach of the moron MDs of Corrupticut.


From: trong - view profile
Date: Mon, Jul 10 2006 10:26 pm
Email: "trong" <mockingbird...@aol.com>
Groups: sci.med.diseases.lyme
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I recently was apprised of a theory of yours as
to how Borrelia
burgdorferi sensu stricto, the causative agent of lyme
disease, arrived
in north america and first became established 10 miles
from a US
biowarfare research facility.. Apparently you have
postulated that it
arrived via migrating birds from africa. I am
wondering what sort of
bird exactly this might have been? Was it a C-47, or
was it one of
those old pan am clippers that Indiana Jones rode
around in? or was it
a B-17 carrying extra fuel tanks? I know Dr. Fish has
postulated that
the west nile outbreak which occurred in 1998 and was
first noted on
the eastern end of long island less than 10 miles from
the same
biowarfare facility was brought to north america on a
747 migrating
from africa, but 747s are a relatively new species and
weren't around
in the 40's.

Anyway, I know you're busy managing the Pacific Coast
biowarfare project, but I would appreciate a response
if you are able
to give me any more information on this interesting
theory of yours.


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