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Ed Conrad
medicine forum Guru Wannabe

Joined: 21 May 2005
Posts: 102

PostPosted: Thu Jul 28, 2005 10:27 am    Post subject: IIC WARNS ED CONRAD ABOUT PHOTO OF FREAK ACCIDENT AT SMITHSONIAN..... Reply with quote


I have just received another stern letter of warning from the

International Internet Commission (IIC) about my posting
of a photo of a Smithsonian expert prior to his death in a freak
accident while searching for truth where the sun doesn't shine.

For that, I sincerely apologize to anyone I may have offended,

especially the Smithsonian Institution, the University of
California (at Berkeley), Larry King, the British Museum of
Natural History, Penn State University and the American
Association of Physical Anthropologists, among others.

A copy of the commission's latest letter follows:


International Internet Commission (IIC)
1 WALL ST, FL 27
New York, NY 10005-2588

July 26, 2005

Dear Mr. Conrad:

Please be advised that we here at the International Internet
Commission (IIC) have taken umbrage concerning the photo
you posted showing the Smithsonian expert prior to his tragic,
untimely death in that freak accident.

It disturbs us greatly.

Members of the board are upset because they feel that
the photo is much too grainy and is shedding a very bad light
on the reputation of the IIC.

You are hereby directed to remove that particular photo and
replace it with one with more pixels, for improved viewing.


Here's the old photo and the new one which I'm sure the IIC
and Smithsonian staff will like much better:


Meanwhile, Mr. Conrad, we have received numerous complaints
from subscribers informing us that at certain periods of the day --
usually in early morning -- there has been a lack of bandwidth
because of your lengthy postings.

In addition, your habit of using so many capital letters in the subject
lines of your postings has seriously depleted the available supply
and, consequently, has been the source of frustration and great
annoyance to millions of other Internet users worldwide, especially
in later Time Zones.

You are hereby instructed to immediately cease and desist from using
capital letters with reckless abandon in the headers of your postings.

Furthermore, please be aware that your failure to abide by the IIC's
wishes may well lead to an abrupt termination of your Internet account.

Meanwhile, Mr. Conrad, we would appreciate if you would download
your computer and return -- by Priority Mail -- all of the used capital
letters (as well as exclamation points) you may find inside in order
to help us replenish our dwindling resources until our supply catches
up to demand.

Sincerely yours,

Rufus C. Kingsley
(c) Howard C. Steinberg, Esq.
Steinberg, Goldberg, Friedberg and O'Brien



Larger Photos:






I've said it before and I'll say again -- for the zillionth time --

that the factless Theory of Evolution has been kept afloat for many
decades ONLY because of the vested interests of its proponents.
Members of the scientific establishment are well aware that evolution,
especially the evolution of man, is utterly impossible.
Yet they cannot challenge their Darwinian Doctrine -- they cannot
even open their mouths -- for fear of jeopardizing their vested
interests. This is it pure and simple. They're all in cahoots.
For them to stand up against the Establishment, the scientists are
more than well aware that their prestigious stature in the scientific
community will be kaput.
For the zillionth time, I am accusing members of the scientific
establishment of being involved in deceit, deception, collusion
and conspiracy to keep the impossibility of the theory of evolution
from crumbling to dust.
I know this firsthand because, over these past 24 years, members of
the scientific establishment -- at the Smithsonian Institution and the
country's major universities -- have not only toyed with facts and
evidence but have also tampered with it.

They are an utter disgrace to science and ought to be behind bars.

Instead of those letters behind their names, they ought to have a
series of long numbers in front of them.
Shame, shame, a zillion times SHAME.
Ed Conrad, Shenandoah, Pa.



I wish to apologize to the following: Lawrence M. Small, Secretary of

Smithsonian Institution, and members of the administrative staff
including Sudeep Anand, Gary M. Beer, Thomas D. Blair, William W.
Brubaker, Sheila P. Burke, Simple Simon, Virginia B. Clark, John W.
Cobert, Jack the Ripper, Bruce A. Dauer, Ellen J. Dorn, David L.
Evans, Michael A. Headley, Digger O'Dell (mgr. of basement burials)
Herma Hightower, Roseanna Roseannadanna, Carole M. P. Neves Neil
Payne, Voodo Medicine Man, Neil Ridgley, Dennis Shaw, James H.
Wallace Jr., Paul Wessel, Amy Silkins, Carely Whiteney, Elizabeth
Ziebarth, Fearless Fosdick, James Hobbins, John Huera, Catheryn
Hummel, Carolyn Jones, Nicole Krakora, Thomas Lentz, Evelyn Lieberman,
Alice Maroni, A Little Dab'll Do Ya, James McLaughlin, Gary Mercer,
Raymond Rye III, GAO Department of the Interior, Bureau of
Stratigraphy and Paleontology, Temple University, Mars Bar, Zip Code
Anthropology Paleontology sci.med Coal Mining Anthracite David Iain
Greig talk.origins Prehistoric Early Man Carboniferous Strata
Bituminous Bering Strait extraterrestrial Hubble Space Astronauts
Conspiracy Petrified Bone Fossils British Broadcasting Corp. ABC NBC
CBS Fox MSNBC The Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel Travel
Genealogy Immanuel Velikovsky Ted Holden Neil Steede Woody Woodpecker
Catastrophism American Medical Laboratories CAT-scan Raymond
Dart, Jeremy Dahl, Paul Myers, Andrew Macrae, Copernicus, My
buddy Larry King, Paula Zahn, Anderson Cooper, Aaron Brown
Jack be Nimble Jack be Quick sci.bio.evolution, Intelligent Design
American Medical Association American Roger Cuffey Association
of Physical Anthropologists New York NYC Tsuami sci.skeptic
miracles paranormal Fiddledesticks Huntley and Brinkley Diane Saywer
Roseanna Roseannada Barbara Walter Humphrey Pennyworth
Dr. Phil, alt.conspiracy, Wright Bros. Wrong Bros. Thomas Alva
Edison Howler Festival Archaeology Berlin Exhibit 5-inch Woman
Godzilla, Mayor Koch, General Swartzenegger, Clem Caddilehopper.

Additional apologies:
Britany Spears, Richard Nixon, Puxatawney Phil, Gen. Douglas

MacArthur, National Medical Institute, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Helen
Keller, Pittsburgh Steelers, Gorilla Monsoon, Gen. Wainwright,
Joe Palooka, John Glenn, Billy Meier, Standard Time, Atilla the
Hun, Dick Cheney, Ross Perot, Thomas Alva Edison, Jack Auff,
JFK, Nudist Colony The Star Spangled Banner, gen2rev, Walt
Disney, Horse's Ass, The Department of Interior, Johns Hopkins,
Walmart, The White House, Stock Exchange, David Sienkiewicz
sci..anthropology, genealogy, 60 Minutes, Howard Cosell, New
York Yankees, Talmud of Jmmanuel, 911 Conspiracy, Ocean
City (N.J. and Maryland), Li'l Abner, Coca Cola University of
Pennsylvania, San Antonio Spurs, eBay, Cndoleezza Rice,
Marlboro, Little Kiddies Play School, k12.chat.teacher, alt.obituaries
Basket Case, Omar Bradley, Dagwood Bumstead, K-mart, Streaker
Heidi, P. T. Barnum, Nursing Home Associated Press, UPI, Reuters, Fox
News, Barbara Walters, Diocese of Scranton, Mauch Chunk (now Jim
Thorpe), Sex Symbol, Google, Yahoo, Shenandoah Evening Herald,
Philadelphia Inquirer, Washington Post, Condoleeza, Saddam Hussein
Scooge McDuck, Mickey Mouse, Chevrolet, Pabst Blue Ribbon,
Yonkers, Manhattan Project, Guy Lombardo, Felix Frankfurter,
Frankfurt, Germany, Osama bin Laden, Heart Disease, Pope Benedic
XVI California, Marilyn Monroe, Bare-Ass Naked and Alan Funt.
If I missed anyone, just give me a shout.

Whoops! I forgot! Additional apologies to editors and staff
members of the World's Largest Newspapers

Rank Country Circulation

1 Yomiuri Shimbu Japan 14,246,000
2 The Asahi Shimbun Japan 12,326 (NOTE: add 000)
3 Mainichi Shimbun Japan 5,635
4 Nihon Keizai Shimbun Japan 4,737
5 Chunichi Shimbun Japan 4,571
6 Bild Germany 4,220
7 The Sun UK 3,461
8 Sankei Shimbun Japan 2,665
9 USA Today USA 2,603
10 Canako Xiaoxi (Beijing) China 2,530
11 The Chosun Ilbo South Korea 2,428
12 Tokyo Sports Japan 2,425
13 Daily Mail UK 2,411
14 The Joongang Ilbo South Korea 2,200
15 Times of India India 2,131
16 The Mirror UK 2,117
17 The Dong-A Ilbo South Korea 2,100
18 Nikkan Sports Japan 1,987
19 Hokkaido Shimbun Japan 1,947
20 The Wall Street Journal USA 1,821
21 Sports Nippon Japan 1,791
22 People’s Daily (Beijing) China 1,773
23 New York Times USA 1,673
24 Yangtse Evening News (Nanjing) China 1,650
25 Guangzhou Daily China 1,600
26 Dainik Bhaskar India 1,570
27 Yukan Fuji Japan 1,559
28 Yangcheng Evening News (Guangzhou) China 1,500
29 The Hankook Ilbo South Korea 1,500
30 Jagaran India 1,500
31 Shizuoka Shimbun Japan 1,474
32 Los Angeles Times USA 1,396
33 Hochi Shimbun Japan 1,390
34 Sankei Sports Japan 1,368
35 Xinmin Evening News (Shanghai) China 1,218
36 Malayala Manorama India 1,214
37 Chutian Metro Daily (Wuhan) China 1,213
38 Thai Rath Thailand 1,200
39 The Maeil Business Newspaper South Korea 1,110
40 Zeitungsgruppe WAZ Germany 1,064
41 The Washington Post USA 1,049
42 Gujarat Samachar India 1,041
43 Nishi-Nippon Shimbun Japan 1,033
44 Hindustan Times India 1,032
45 Nanfang City News (Guangzhou) China 1,030
46 Neue Kronen Zeitung Austria 1,018
47 Chicago Tribune USA 1,016
48 Daily Telegraph UK 1,003
49 The Korea Economic Daily South Korea 1,000
50 Beijing Evening News China 980
51 Daily Sports Japan 975
52 The Kyunghang Shinmun South Korea 950
53 Daily Express UK 930
54 AJ India 926
55 Hindu India 885
56 Ananda Bazar Patrika India 874
57 Qilu Evening News (Jinan) China 850
58 Punjab Kesari India 843
59 Eenadu India 839
60 Mathrubhumi India 829
61 Chugoku Shimbun Japan 828
62 Kyoto Shimbun Japan 823
63 Kobe Shimbun Japan 820
64 New York Daily News USA 811
65 Kom Chat Leuk Thailand 800
66 De Telegraaf Netherlands 795
67 Denver Post/Rocky Mountain News USA 791
68 The Dallas Morning News USA 787
69 Ouest France France 785
70 Jang Pakistan 775
71 Philadelphia Inquirer USA 768
72 Sandesh India 757
73 Nanfang Daily China 750
74 Daily News Thailand 750
75 The Sports Chosun South Korea 750
76 Houston Chronicle USA 739
77 The Detroit News/Free Press USA 720
78 Times UK 705
79 Corriere della Sera Italy 690
80 Boston Globe USA 680
81 Komsomolskaya Pravda Russia 674
82 Daily Star UK 673
83 Minneapolis Star Tribune USA 669
84 Long Island Newsday USA 665
85 Atlanta Journal Constitution USA 659
86 The Segye Times South Korea 650
87 Kahoku Shimpo Japan 632
88 Amar Ujala India 629
89 La Repubblica Italy 624
90 New York Post USA 620
91 Modern Express (Nanjing) China 610
92 The Newark Star Ledger USA 610
93 Thanthi India 609
94 Rajasthan Patrika India 605
95 Jin Evening News (Tianjin) China 600
96 Qianjiang Evening News China 600
97 The Busan Ilbo South Korea 600
98 Apple Daily Hong Kong 600
99 Dahe Daily China 600
100 The Arizona Republic USA 597

(cc) Major U.S. Newspapers

Arizona Republic
Baltimore Sun
Boston Globe
Boston Herald
Buck County Courier-Times
Chicago Sun-Times
Chicago Tribune
Christian Science Monitor
Cincinnati Post
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Columbus Dispatch
Dallas Morning News
Denver Post
Detroit Free Press
Harrisburg Patriot-News
Houston Chronicle
Indianapolis Star
Kansas City Star
Las Vegas Sun
Lehighton Times-News
los Angeles Times
Mahanoy City Pa. Record-American
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Minneapolis Star-Tribune
New York Daily News
New York Newsday
New York Post
New York Times
Orlando Sentinel
Pottsville Republican
Philadelphia Inquirer
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Portland Oregonian
Providence Journal-Bulletin
Reading Eagle
Sacramento Bee
Salt Lake City Deseret News
Salt Lake City Tribune
San Diego Union-Tribune
San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco Examiner
San Jose Mercury News
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Seattle Times
St. Petersburg Times
Tampa Tribune
Tamaqua Evening-Courier
USA Today
Village Voice
Wall Street Journal
Washington Post
Washington Times
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