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Question about lymphoma
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medicine forum Guru

Joined: 24 May 2005
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PostPosted: Tue May 24, 2005 12:05 pm    Post subject: Re: INTELLIGENT DESIGN vs VESTED INTERESTS Reply with quote

On Tue, 24 May 2005 08:48:15 GMT, Ed Conrad <edconrad@verizon.net> wrote:


I've said it before and I'll say again -- for the zillionth time --
that the factless Theory of Evolution has been kept afloat for many
decades ONLY because of the vested interests of its proponents.

Yeah, and Elvis works as a barman at my local pub, the world is run by the
lizardsi, and Princess Diana was murdered by John F Kennedy.

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medicine forum beginner

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PostPosted: Tue May 24, 2005 2:40 pm    Post subject: Re: INTELLIGENT DESIGN vs VESTED INTERESTS Reply with quote

"JPG" <me@privacy.net> wrote in message
On Tue, 24 May 2005 08:48:15 GMT, Ed Conrad <edconrad@verizon.net


and Princess Diana was murdered by John F Kennedy.


s**t! There goes the proof I found in a fossilized human penis
located in coal deposits in western Pennsylvania!
It had clearly shown that JFK invented evolution to distract us from
his desire to kill Dianna - or so I thought...
Maybe it was Johnson's johnson...

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John Baker
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PostPosted: Tue May 24, 2005 3:14 pm    Post subject: Re: INTELLIGENT DESIGN vs VESTED INTERESTS Reply with quote

On Tue, 24 May 2005 13:12:08 +0100, Barry Trotter
<trotb02@hogwash.ac.uk> wrote:

In the great debate about "Re: INTELLIGENT DESIGN vs VESTED INTERESTS"
in alt.atheism, Christopher A. Lee <calee@optonline.net> catapaulted
the following boulder:
On Tue, 24 May 2005 11:36:44 +0100, Barry Trotter
trotb02@hogwash.ac.uk> wrote:

In the great debate about "INTELLIGENT DESIGN vs VESTED INTERESTS" in
alt.atheism, Ed Conrad <edconrad@verizon.net> catapaulted the
following boulder:
I've said it before and I'll say again -- for the zillionth time --
that the factless Theory of Evolution has been kept afloat for many
decades ONLY because of the vested interests of its proponents.
Elroy, is that you?

Ed Conrad is a well-known creationist net.loony. Look up his history
on talk.origins and alt.usenet.kooks.

Well it had to be either a spoof or an out and out nutjob, and either
way it's hillarious.

I must just be getting cynical in my old age. but I don't find
cretinist idiots like Ed the least bit amusing. Annoying as hell, more


David Silverman F.L.A.H.N. aa #2208
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PostPosted: Sat May 28, 2005 6:41 pm    Post subject: Re: Need help and advice! Reply with quote

I'm sorry you're running into such a frustrating sequence of events,
but you are certainly not alone. Please clarify some of your case
history: you said you had flu symptoms every 3 or 4 months starting in
12/03. Has that pattern persisted til now without break?

I'm not a doctor, but I have some advice for you. Sometimes we do need
to just wait and see how disease progresses so that enough symptoms
occur that we can make a diagnosis. In the meantime, you should learn
everything you can about the "hot spot", lymphoma symptoms, and any
other things your local doctor feels are worth looking into. Try and
rule out serious diseases (like cancer) FIRST. Do not place too much
stock in a single test, negative or positive, especially a blood test
or a scan; always get 2nd or 3rd tests spread apart for comparison.
Get a 2nd opinion from a different doc. I agree with another post that
asking for a scan lower than the chest may be helpful. If your
symptoms start to change, make sure you contact your doc immediately,
and don't be afraid to demand a checkup sooner than some nurse has
schedule one.

Don't get mad, do some research! Definitely monitor your situation, by
you also need to work to control your stress level. Stress has been
clinically shown to be bad for you. :-)

Tell us how it goes.

Cheers, John
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medicine forum beginner

Joined: 04 May 2005
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PostPosted: Sat May 28, 2005 11:29 pm    Post subject: Re: INTELLIGENT DESIGN vs VESTED INTERESTS Reply with quote

Ed Conrad <edconrad@verizon.net> astounded us with:


I've said it before and I'll say again -- for the zillionth time --
that the factless Theory of Evolution has been kept afloat for many
decades ONLY because of the vested interests of its proponents.


n : a person who has lied or who lies repeatedly

Ed, that be you

Denizen of Darkness #44 & AFJC Antipodean Attaché
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Manky Badger
medicine forum Guru Wannabe

Joined: 01 May 2005
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 06, 2005 4:55 pm    Post subject: Re: Iron deficiency / stupid children..? Reply with quote

<ironjustice@aol.com> wrote in message
I respectfully present the abuse I will get for this post as evidence to
support this article

I just noticed you changed the thread .. header ..

You too stupid to start your own thread .. STRICTLY .. related TO ..
iron DEFICIENCY .. in .. children ..?

"abuse I will get for this post"

Any .. abuse you take .. is because .. you act like a fkg .. pussy ..

You bring any abuse upon yourself .. with your total lack of .. class

Do keep up, Tommy.
That's now two bits of evidence you've provided for my article.
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medicine forum Guru

Joined: 28 Apr 2005
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 18, 2005 6:10 pm    Post subject: Re: circadian rhythm Reply with quote

"Frank Thompson" <gnx52@alltel.invalid.net.i> wrote in message
Where can I find info concerning diseases or condtions exhibiting
symptoms which appear to occur in a circadian rhythm without regards
to activity in which individual is engaged.

One of the hallmarks of hormonal disease is a loss of normal circadian
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, 2005 5:56 pm    Post subject: Re: Where Viagra, Cialis, Levitra at the best price? Reply with quote

Which is it the site that has quality and a good price?



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medicine forum Guru Wannabe

Joined: 28 Apr 2005
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2005 6:08 pm    Post subject: Re: Interferon / medical bloodletting .. ? Reply with quote

<ironjustice@aol.com> wrote in message
Result of bloodletting .. fewer red blood cells ..
Result of medical intervention / interferon .. fewer red blood cells ..

Who loves ya.

I hate to encourage this, but decreasing the number of red blood cells does
not kill HCV.
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Ed Conrad
medicine forum Guru Wannabe

Joined: 21 May 2005
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 28, 2005 10:59 am    Post subject: What Killed Charles Darwin??? Now we know! Reply with quote

After more than a century, forensic evidence has determined
exactly what led to Charles Darwin's fatal heart attack:
"Hmmm!" he said, uttering his famous last words. "I see
I finally got my hospital bill. I'm SURE it can't be much."

Ed Conrad



More than 50 years ago, the late, great Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky

combined supreme intelligence and incredible courage to write
"Worlds in Collision" and "Earth in Upheaval."

His two books had set the Scientific Establishment back on its

unscrupulous heels, offering the undeniable physical evidence
that the Good Earth had NOT been sleeping peacefully for countless
eons as it had so long insisted.

Instead, the late, great Immanuel Velikovsky presented a different

picture of the earth's past: mind-boggling, horrific catastrophes,
some of which had torn both man and animal from limb to limb.

It's a matter of historical record that the late, great Immanuel

Velikovsky had been subjected to the very worse that the Scientific
Etablishment could offer -- the victim of deceit, deception, collusion
and conspiracy, as well as relentless assassination upon his

Well, this vicious assault upon truth continues to this very day, but

with one BIG difference .

The Internet has given John Q. Public a ringside seat to the sewer

tactics employed by members of the Pseudoscientifc Establishment in
their adamant denial of the physical evidence that confirms -- beyond
all doubt -- Man as Old as Coa (and maybe a great deal older).

That's because they are glaringly aware that it is providing

substantial ADDITIONAL credence that the late, great Immanuel
Velikovsky was 100 percent right and the Pseudoscientic Establishment
was -- and still is -- 110 percent wrong.

How could petrified bones, teeth and even soft organs -- some human --

be preserved between anthracite veins if some unfathomable catastrophe
had not put them there?

Fortunately, much good will come out of the ongoing battle between Ed

Conrad and the vested-interest academia know-it-all's who have long
made a mockery of the sacred name Science.

That's because, back in the days of the late, great Immanuel

Velikovsky, the deceit, deception, collusion and conspiracy -- as well
as character assassination -- weren't plainly visible and, 99.9
percent of the time, were hidden from eyes of the general public.

So, the average person wasn't aware that the "prestigious" scientific

institutions, their so-called "experts," their scientific publications
AND the news media were ALL totally controlled by the Pseudoscientific
Establishment in the adamant denial of physical evidence to the
contrary to its erroneous doctrine.

Well, we all know they still are in cahoots today. But the major

difference between then and now is the Internet, with its newsgroups
and Google (deja.com), magnificent repositories of the written word.

It means that the pseudo-scientists' disgraceful mistreatment of

physical evidence is plainly visible as they carry out their
day-to-day mission of crucifying facts but promoting facetious,
fact-less theories, same as they did to the late, great Immanuel
Velikovsky some 50 years ago.

Thank heaven for the Internet. It means that the most of the sewer

tactics employed by members of the Pseudoscientific Esablishment
are in plain view for all to see, and they will be visible for
generations to come, long after they have thrown in the towel..

There -- in plain view -- your grandchildren and their's will be able

to see how ridiculous the pseudos were, defending their defenseless
paradigm of the evolution of man.

The discovery of petrified human bones, teeth and soft organs between

anthracite veins is destroying their erroneous paradigm because they
predate, by multi-millions of years, the pseudo-scientists' ridiculous
theory that man had a non-human ancestor (which, of course, we never

Some day -- when truth finally comes shining through -- we'll all be

able to look back and see how low the disgraceful, deplorable,
disgusting pseudos had stooped to defend their fairy tales in order to
protect their vested interests.
Ed Conrad

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Ventura: Ventura County Star
Victorville: Press
Walnut Creek: Contra Costa Times
West Covina: San Gabriel Valley Tribune
Whittier: News
Woodland: Democrat
Yreka: Siskiyou News
Alturas: Modoc County Record
Arcata: Eye
Avalon: Catalina Islander
Big Bear Lake: Big Bear Grizzly
Blythe: Palo Verde Valley Times
Bolinas: Coastal Post
Brentwood: News
Burbank: Leader
Carmel: Pine Cone
Carpinteria: Coastal View News
Clipper Mills: Rabbit Creek Journal
Coalinga: Coalinga's Own
Crestline: Courier-News
Culver City: News
Cupertino: Courier
Cypress: Event
Dixon: Dixon's Independent Voice
Downey: Eagle
Elk Grove: Citizen
Felton: Valley Press & Scotts Valley Banner
Folsom: Telegraph
Fontana: Herald News
Ft. Bragg: Advocate-News
Galt: Herald
Glendale: Foothill Leader
Gridley: Herald
Half Moon Bay: Review
Huntington Beach: Independent
Idyllwild: Town Crier
Irvine: World News
La Canada: Valley Sun
Lake Isabella: Kern Valley Sun
Livermore: Independent
Long Beach: Gazette newspapers
Los Altos: Town Crier
Los Banos: Enterprise
Los Gatos: Weekly-Times
Madera: Madera County Times
Malibu: Times
Mammoth Lakes: Mammoth Times
Marina del Rey: Argonaut
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Mendocino: Beacon
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Ojai: Valley News
Pacific Palisades: Palisadian-Post
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Pasadena: Herald Tribune
Phelan: Mountaineer-Progress
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Ramona: Sentinel
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California Newspaper Publishers Association
U.S. Senators
State Years in Office Year Born

Alabama 1987–2011 Richard Shelby (R) (1934)
1997–2009 Jeff Sessions (R) (1946)
Alaska 1969–2009 Ted Stevens (R) (1923)
2002–2011 Lisa Murkowski (R) (1957)
Arizona 1987–2011 John McCain (R) (1936)
1995–2007 Jon Kyl (R) (1942)
Arkansas 2003–2009 Mark Pryor (D) (1963)
1999–2011 Blanche Lincoln (D) (1960)
California 1993–2007 Dianne Feinstein (D) (1933)
1993–2011 Barbara Boxer (D) (1940)
Colorado 1997–2009 Wayne Allard (R) (1943)
2005–2011 Ken Salazar (D) (1955)
Connecticut 1981–2011 Christopher J. Dodd (D) (1944)
1989–2007 Joseph I. Lieberman (D) (1942)
Delaware 1973–2009 Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (D) (1942)
2001–2007 Thomas R. Carper (D) (1947)
Florida 2001–2007 Bill Nelson (D) (1942)
2005–2011 Mel Martinez (R) (1946)
Georgia 2003–2009 Saxby Chambliss (R) (1943)
2005–2011 Johnny Isakson (R) (1944)
Hawaii 1963–2011 Daniel K. Inouye (D) (1924)
1990–2007 Daniel K. Akaka (D) (1924)
Idaho 1991–2009 Larry E. Craig (R) (1945)
1999–2011 Mike Crapo (R) (1951)
Illinois 1997–2009 Richard J. Durbin (D) (1944)
2005–2011 Barack Obama (D) (1961)
Indiana 1977–2007 Richard G. Lugar (R) (1932)
1999–2011 Evan Bayh (D) (1955)
Iowa 1981–2011 Charles E. Grassley (R) (1933)
1985–2009 Tom Harkin (D) (1939)
Kansas 1997–2011 Sam Brownback (R) (1956)
1997–2009 Pat Roberts (R) (1936)
Kentucky 1985–2009 Mitch McConnell (R) (1942)
1999–2011 Jim Bunning (R) (1931)
Louisiana 1997–2009 Mary L. Landrieu (D) (1955)
2005–2011 David Vitter (R) (1961)
Maine 1995–2007 Olympia J. Snowe (R) (1947)
1997–2009 Susan M. Collins (R) (1952)
Maryland 1977–2007 Paul S. Sarbanes (D) (1933)
1987–2011 Barbara A. Mikulski (D) (1936)
Massachusetts 1963–2007 Edward M. Kennedy (D) (1932)
1985–2009 John F. Kerry (D) (1943)
Michigan 1979–2009 Carl Levin (D) (1934)
2001–2007 Debbie A. Stabenow (D) (1950)
Minnesota 2003–2009 Norm Coleman (R) (1949)
2001–2007 Mark Dayton (D) (1947)
Mississippi 1979–2009 Thad Cochran (R) (1937)
1989–2007 Trent Lott (R) (1941)
Missouri 1987–2011 Christopher S. Bond (R) (1939)
2003–2009 James M. Talent (R) (1956)
Montana 1978–2009 Max Baucus (D) (1941)
1989–2007 Conrad Burns (R) (1935)
Nebraska 1997–2009 Charles Hagel (R) (1946)
2001–2007 Ben Nelson (D) (1941)
Nevada 1987–2011 Harry Reid (D) (1939)
2001–2007 John Ensign (R) (1958)
New Hampshire 1993–2011 Judd Gregg (R) (1947)
2003–2009 John E. Sununu (R) (1964)
New Jersey 2001–2007 Jon Corzine (D) (1947)
2003–2009 Frank R. Lautenberg (D) (1924)
New Mexico 1973–2009 Pete V. Domenici (R) (1932)
1983–2007 Jeff Bingaman (D) (1943)
New York 1999–2011 Charles E. Schumer (D) (1950)
2001–2007 Hillary Rodham Clinton (D) (1947)
North Carolina 2003–2009 Elizabeth Dole (R) (1936)
2005–2011 Richard Burr (R) (1955)
North Dakota 1987–2007 Kent Conrad (D) (1948)
1993–2011 Byron L. Dorgan (D) (1942)
Ohio 1995–2007 Mike DeWine (R) (1947)
1999–2011 George Voinovich (R) (1936)
Oklahoma 1994–2009 James Inhofe (R) (1934)
2005–2011 Tom Coburn (R) (1948)
Oregon 1996–2011 Ron Wyden (D) (1949)
1997–2009 Gordon H. Smith (R) (1952)
Pennsylvania 1981–2011 Arlen Specter (R) (1930)
1995–2007 Rick Santorum (R) (1958)
Rhode Island 1997–2009 Jack Reed (D) (1949)
1999–2007 Lincoln Chafee (R) (1953)
South Carolina 2003–2009 Lindsey Graham (R) (1955)
2005–2011 Jim DeMint (R) (1951)
South Dakota 2005–2011 John R. Thune (R) (1961)
1997–2009 Tim Johnson (D) (1946)
Tennessee 1995–2007 William Frist (R) (1952)
2003–2009 Lamar Alexander (R) (1940)
Texas 1995–2007 Kay Bailey Hutchison (R) (1943)
2003–2009 John Cornyn (R) (1952)
Utah 1977–2007 Orrin G. Hatch (R) (1934)
1993–2011 Robert Bennett (R) (1933)
Vermont 1975–2011 Patrick J. Leahy (D) (1940)
1989–2007 James M. Jeffords (I) (1934)
Virginia 1979–2009 John Warner (R) (1927)
2001–2007 George Allen (R) (1952)
Washington 1993–2011 Patty Murray (D) (1950)
2001–2007 Maria Cantwell (D) (1958)
West Virginia 1959–2007 Robert C. Byrd (D) (1917)
1985–2009 John D. “Jay” Rockefeller IV (D) (1937)
Wisconsin 1989–2007 Herbert Kohl (D) (1935)
1993–2011 Russ Feingold (D) (1953)
Wyoming 1995–2007 Craig Thomas (R) (1933)
1997–2009 Michael B. Enzi (R) (1944)

Abercrombie, Neil, Hawaii, 1st

Ackerman, Gary, New York, 5th
Aderholt, Robert, Alabama, 4th
Akin, Todd, Missouri, 2nd
Alexander, Rodney, Louisiana, 5th
Allen, Tom, Maine, 1st
Andrews, Robert E., New Jersey, 1st
Baca, Joe, California, 43rd
Bachus, Spencer, Alabama, 6th
Baird, Brian, Washington, 3rd
Baker, Richard, Louisiana, 6th
Baldwin, Tammy, Wisconsin, 2nd
Barrett, J.Gresham, South Carolina, 3rd
Barrow, John, Georgia, 12th
Bartlett, Roscoe, Maryland, 6th
Barton, Joe, Texas, 6th
Bass, Charles, New Hampshire, 2nd
Bean, Melissa L., Illinois, 8th
Beauprez, Bob, Colorado, 7th
Becerra, Xavier, California, 31st
Berkley, Shelley, Nevada, 1st
Berman, Howard, California, 28th
Berry, Marion, Arkansas, 1st
Biggert, Judy, Illinois, 13th
Bilirakis, Michael, Florida, 9th
Bishop, Rob, Utah, 1st
Bishop Jr., Sanford D., Georgia, 2nd
Bishop, Timothy, New York, 1st
Blackburn, Marsha, Tennessee, 7th
Blumenauer, Earl, Oregon, 3rd
Blunt, Roy, Missouri, 7th
Boehlert, Sherwood L., New York, 24th
Boehner, John A., Ohio, 8th
Bonilla, Henry, Texas, 23rd
Bonner, Jo, Alabama, 1st
Bono, Mary, California, 45th
Boozman, John, Arkansas, 3rd
Bordallo, Madeleine, Guam
Boren, Dan, Oklahoma, 2nd
Boswell, Leonard, Iowa, 3rd
Boucher, Rick, Virginia, 9th
Boustany Jr., Charles W., Louisiana, 7th
Boyd, Allen, Florida, 2nd
Bradley, Jeb, New Hampshire, 1st
Brady, Kevin, Texas, 8th
Brady, Robert, Pennsylvania, 1st
Brown, Corrine, Florida, 3rd
Brown, Henry, South Carolina, 1st
Brown, Sherrod, Ohio, 13th
Brown-Waite, Virginia, Florida, 5th
Burgess, Michael, Texas, 26th
Burton, Dan, Indiana, 5th
Butterfield, G.K., North Carolina, 1st
Buyer, Steve, Indiana, 4th
Calvert, Ken, California, 44th
Camp, Dave, Michigan, 4th
Cannon, Chris, Utah, 3rd
Cantor, Eric, Virginia, 7th
Capito, Shelley Moore, West Virginia, 2nd
Capps, Lois, California, 23rd
Capuano, Michael E., Massachusetts, 8th
Cardin, Benjamin L., Maryland, 3rd
Cardoza, Dennis, California, 18th
Carnahan, Russ, Missouri, 3rd
Carson, Julia, Indiana, 7th
Carter, John, Texas, 31st
Case, Ed, Hawaii, 2nd
Castle, Michael N., Delaware, At Large
Chabot, Steve, Ohio, 1st
Chandler, Ben, Kentucky, 6th
Chocola, Chris, Indiana, 2nd
Christian-Christensen, Donna M., U.S. Virgin Islands
Clay Jr., William "Lacy", Missouri, 1st
Cleaver, Emanuel, Missouri, 5th
Clyburn, James E., South Carolina, 6th
Coble, Howard, North Carolina, 6th
Cole, Tom, Oklahoma, 4th
Conaway, K. Michael, Texas, 11th
Conyers Jr., John, Michigan, 14th
Cooper, Jim, Tennessee, 5th
Costa, Jim, California, 20th
Costello, Jerry, Illinois, 12th
Cox, Christopher, California, 48th
Cramer, Robert E. "Bud", Alabama, 5th
Crenshaw, Ander, Florida, 4th
Crowley, Joseph, New York, 7th
Cubin, Barbara, Wyoming, At Large
Cuellar, Henry, Texas, 28th
Culberson, John, Texas, 7th
Cummings, Elijah, Maryland, 7th
Cunningham, Randy "Duke", California, 50th
Davis, Artur, Alabama, 7th
Davis, Danny K., Illinois, 7th
Davis, Geoff, Kentucky, 4th
Davis, Jim, Florida, 11th
Davis, Jo Ann S., Virginia, 1st
Davis, Lincoln, Tennessee, 4th
Davis, Susan, California, 53rd
Davis, Tom, Virginia, 11th
Deal, Nathan, Georgia, 10th
DeFazio, Peter, Oregon, 4th
DeGette, Diana, Colorado, 1st
Delahunt, William, Massachusetts, 10th
DeLauro, Rosa L., Connecticut, 3rd
DeLay, Tom, Texas, 22nd
Dent, Charles W., Pennsylvania, 15th
Diaz-Balart, Lincoln, Florida, 21st
Diaz-Balart, Mario, Florida, 25th
Dicks, Norman D., Washington, 6th
Dingell, John, Michigan, 15th
Doggett, Lloyd, Texas, 25th
Doolittle, John, California, 4th
Doyle, Mike, Pennsylvania, 14th
Drake, Thelma D., Virginia, 2nd
Dreier, David, California, 26th
Duncan Jr., John J., Tennessee, 2nd
Edwards, Chet, Texas, 17th
Ehlers, Vernon J., Michigan, 3rd
Emanuel, Rahm, Illinois, 5th
Emerson, Jo Ann, Missouri, 8th
Engel, Eliot, New York, 17th
English, Phil, Pennsylvania, 3rd
Eshoo, Anna G., California, 14th
Etheridge, Bob, North Carolina, 2nd
Evans, Lane, Illinois, 17th
Everett, Terry, Alabama, 2nd
Faleomavaega, Eni F. H., American Samoa
Farr, Sam, California, 17th
Fattah, Chaka, Pennsylvania, 2nd
Feeney, Tom, Florida, 24th
Ferguson, Michael, New Jersey, 7th
Filner, Bob, California, 51st
Fitzpatrick, Michael G., Pennsylvania, 8th
Flake, Jeff , Arizona, 6th
Foley, Mark, Florida, 16th
Forbes, J. Randy, Virginia, 4th
Ford, Harold, Tennessee, 9th
Fortenberry, Jeff, Nebraska, 1st
Fortuno, Luis G., Puerto Rico
Fossella, Vito, New York, 13th
Foxx, Virginia, North Carolina, 5th
Frank, Barney, Massachusetts, 4th
Franks, Trent, Arizona, 2nd
Frelinghuysen, Rodney, New Jersey, 11th
Gallegly, Elton, California, 24th
Garrett, Scott, New Jersey, 5th
Gerlach, Jim, Pennsylvania, 6th
Gibbons, Jim, Nevada, 2nd
Gilchrest, Wayne, Maryland, 1st
Gillmor, Paul, Ohio, 5th
Gingrey, Phil, Georgia, 11th
Gohmert, Louie, Texas, 1st
Gonzalez, Charlie A., Texas, 20th
Goode Jr., Virgil H., Virginia, 5th
Goodlatte, Bob, Virginia, 6th
Gordon, Bart, Tennessee, 6th
Granger, Kay, Texas, 12th
Graves, Sam, Missouri, 6th
Green, Al, Texas, 9th
Green, Gene, Texas, 29th
Green, Mark, Wisconsin, 8th
Grijalva, Raul, Arizona, 7th
Gutierrez, Luis, Illinois, 4th
Gutknecht, Gil, Minnesota, 1st
Hall, Ralph M., Texas, 4th
Harman, Jane, California, 36th
Harris, Katherine, Florida, 13th
Hart, Melissa, Pennsylvania, 4th
Hastert, Denny, Illinois, 14th
Hastings, Alcee L., Florida, 23rd
Hastings, Doc, Washington, 4th
Hayes, Robin, North Carolina, 8th
Hayworth, J.D., Arizona, 5th
Hefley, Joel, Colorado, 5th
Hensarling, Jeb, Texas, 5th
Herger, Wally, California, 2nd
Herseth, Stephanie, South Dakota, At Large
Higgins, Brian, New York, 27th
Hinchey, Maurice, New York, 22nd
Hinojosa, Rubén, Texas, 15th
Hobson, David, Ohio, 7th
Hoekstra, Pete, Michigan, 2nd
Holden, Tim, Pennsylvania, 17th
Holt, Rush, New Jersey, 12th
Honda, Mike, California, 15th
Hooley, Darlene, Oregon, 5th
Hostettler, John N., Indiana, 8th
Hoyer, Steny H., Maryland, 5th
Hulshof, Kenny, Missouri, 9th
Hunter, Duncan, California, 52nd
Hyde, Henry, Illinois, 6th
Inglis, Bob, South Carolina, 4th
Inslee, Jay, Washington, 1st
Israel, Steve, New York, 2nd
Issa, Darrell, California, 49th
Istook Jr., Ernest J., Oklahoma, 5th
Jackson Jr., Jesse L., Illinois, 2nd
Jackson Lee, Sheila, Texas, 18th
Jefferson, William J., Louisiana, 2nd
Jenkins, William L., Tennessee, 1st
Jindal, Bobby, Louisiana, 1st
Johnson, Eddie Bernice, Texas, 30th
Johnson, Nancy L., Connecticut, 5th
Johnson, Sam, Texas, 3rd
Johnson, Timothy V., Illinois, 15th
Jones, Stephanie Tubbs, Ohio, 11th
Jones, Walter B., North Carolina, 3rd
Kanjorski, Paul E., Pennsylvania, 11th
Kaptur, Marcy, Ohio, 9th
Keller, Ric, Florida, 8th
Kelly, Sue, New York, 19th
Kennedy, Mark, Minnesota, 6th
Kennedy, Patrick, Rhode Island, 1st
Kildee, Dale, Michigan, 5th
Kilpatrick, Carolyn, Michigan, 13th
Kind, Ron, Wisconsin, 3rd
King, Pete, New York, 3rd
King, Steve, Iowa, 5th
Kingston, Jack, Georgia, 1st
Kirk, Mark, Illinois, 10th
Kline, John, Minnesota, 2nd
Knollenberg, Joseph , Michigan, 9th
Kolbe, Jim, Arizona, 8th
Kucinich, Dennis J., Ohio, 10th
Kuhl Jr., John R. "Randy", New York, 29th
Lahood, Ray, Illinois, 18th
Langevin, Jim, Rhode Island, 2nd
Lantos, Tom, California, 12th
Larsen, Rick, Washington, 2nd
Larson, John B., Connecticut, 1st
Latham, Tom, Iowa, 4th
LaTourette, Steven C., Ohio, 14th
Leach, Jim, Iowa, 2nd
Lee, Barbara, California, 9th
Levin, Sander, Michigan, 12th
Lewis, Jerry, California, 41st
Lewis, John, Georgia, 5th
Lewis, Ron, Kentucky, 2nd
Linder, John, Georgia, 7th
Lipinski, Daniel, Illinois, 3rd
LoBiondo, Frank, New Jersey, 2nd
Lofgren, Zoe, California, 16th
Lowey, Nita, New York, 18th
Lucas, Frank, Oklahoma, 3rd
Lungren, Daniel E., California, 3rd
Lynch, Stephen F., Massachusetts, 9th
Mack, Connie, Florida, 14th
Maloney, Carolyn, New York, 14th
Manzullo, Donald, Illinois, 16th
Marchant, Kenny, Texas, 24th
Markey, Ed, Massachusetts, 7th
Marshall, Jim, Georgia, 3rd
Matheson, Jim, Utah, 2nd
Matsui, Doris O., California, 5th
McCarthy, Carolyn, New York, 4th
McCaul, Michael T., Texas, 10th
McCollum, Betty, Minnesota, 4th
McCotter, Thaddeus, Michigan, 11th
McCrery, Jim, Louisiana, 4th
McDermott, Jim, Washington, 7th
McGovern, James, Massachusetts, 3rd
McHenry, Patrick T., North Carolina, 10th
McHugh, John M., New York, 23rd
McIntyre, Mike, North Carolina, 7th
McKeon, Buck, California, 25th
McKinney, Cynthia, Georgia, 4th
McMorris, Cathy, Washington, 5th
McNulty, Michael R., New York, 21st
Meehan, Marty, Massachusetts, 5th
Meek, Kendrick, Florida, 17th
Meeks, Gregory W., New York, 6th
Melancon, Charlie, Louisiana, 3rd
Menendez, Bob, New Jersey, 13th
Mica, John, Florida, 7th
Michaud, Michael, Maine, 2nd
Millender-McDonald, Juanita, California, 37th
Miller, Brad, North Carolina, 13th
Miller, Candice, Michigan, 10th
Miller, Gary, California, 42nd
Miller, George, California, 7th
Miller, Jeff, Florida, 1st
Mollohan, Alan B., West Virginia, 1st
Moore, Dennis, Kansas, 3rd
Moore, Gwen, Wisconsin, 4th
Moran, Jerry, Kansas, 1st
Moran, Jim, Virginia, 8th
Murphy, Tim, Pennsylvania, 18th
Murtha, John, Pennsylvania, 12th
Musgrave, Marilyn, Colorado, 4th
Myrick, Sue, North Carolina, 9th
Nadler, Jerrold, New York, 8th
Napolitano, Grace, California, 38th
Neal, Richard E., Massachusetts, 2nd
Neugebauer, Randy, Texas, 19th
Ney, Robert W., Ohio, 18th
Northup, Anne, Kentucky, 3rd
Norton, Eleanor Holmes, District of Columbia
Norwood, Charlie, Georgia, 9th
Nunes, Devin, California, 21st
Nussle, Jim, Iowa, 1st
Oberstar, James L., Minnesota, 8th
Obey, David R., Wisconsin, 7th
Olver, John, Massachusetts, 1st
Ortiz, Solomon P., Texas, 27th
Osborne, Tom, Nebraska, 3rd
Otter, Butch, Idaho, 1st
Owens, Major, New York, 11th
Oxley, Michael G., Ohio, 4th
Pallone Jr., Frank, New Jersey, 6th
Pascrell Jr., Bill, New Jersey, 8th
Pastor, Ed , Arizona, 4th
Paul, Ron, Texas, 14th
Payne, Donald M., New Jersey, 10th
Pearce, Steve, New Mexico, 2nd
Pelosi, Nancy, California, 8th
Pence, Mike, Indiana, 6th
Peterson, Collin C., Minnesota, 7th
Peterson, John E., Pennsylvania, 5th
Petri, Thomas, Wisconsin, 6th
Pickering, Charles W. "Chip", Mississippi, 3rd
Pitts, Joseph R., Pennsylvania, 16th
Platts, Todd, Pennsylvania, 19th
Poe, Ted, Texas, 2nd
Pombo, Richard, California, 11th
Pomeroy, Earl, North Dakota, At Large
Porter, Jon, Nevada, 3rd
Portman, Rob, Ohio, 2nd -- Vacancy
Price, David, North Carolina, 4th
Price, Tom, Georgia, 6th
Pryce, Deborah, Ohio, 15th
Putnam, Adam, Florida, 12th
Radanovich, George P., California, 19th
Rahall, Nick, West Virginia, 3rd
Ramstad, Jim, Minnesota, 3rd
Rangel, Charles B., New York, 15th
Regula, Ralph, Ohio, 16th
Rehberg, Dennis, Montana, At Large
Reichert, David G., Washington, 8th
Renzi, Rick, Arizona, 1st
Reyes, Silvestre, Texas, 16th
Reynolds, Thomas M., New York, 26th
Rogers, Harold, Kentucky, 5th
Rogers, Mike, Alabama, 3rd
Rogers, Mike, Michigan, 8th
Rohrabacher, Dana, California, 46th
Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana, Florida, 18th
Ross, Mike, Arkansas, 4th
Rothman, Steven, New Jersey, 9th
Roybal-Allard, Lucille, California, 34th
Royce, Ed, California, 40th
Ruppersberger, Dutch, Maryland, 2nd
Rush, Bobby L., Illinois, 1st
Ryan, Paul, Wisconsin, 1st
Ryan, Tim, Ohio, 17th
Ryun, Jim, Kansas, 2nd
Sabo, Martin Olav, Minnesota, 5th
Salazar, John T., Colorado, 3rd
Sanchez, Linda, California, 39th
Sanchez, Loretta, California, 47th
Sanders, Bernie, Vermont, At Large
Saxton, Jim, New Jersey, 3rd
Schakowsky, Jan, Illinois, 9th
Schiff, Adam, California, 29th
Schwartz, Allyson L., Pennsylvania, 13th
Schwarz, John J.H. "Joe", Michigan, 7th
Scott, David, Georgia, 13th
Scott, Robert C. "Bobby", Virginia, 3rd
Sensenbrenner, F. James, Wisconsin, 5th
Sessions, Pete, Texas, 32nd
Serrano, José E., New York, 16th
Shadegg, John, Arizona, 3rd
Shaw Jr., E. Clay , Florida, 22nd
Shays, Christopher, Connecticut, 4th
Sherman, Brad, California, 27th
Sherwood, Don, Pennsylvania, 10th
Shimkus, John, Illinois, 19th
Shuster, Bill, Pennsylvania, 9th
Simmons, Rob, Connecticut, 2nd
Simpson, Mike, Idaho, 2nd
Skelton, Ike, Missouri, 4th
Slaughter, Louise, New York, 28th
Smith, Adam, Washington, 9th
Smith, Chris, New Jersey, 4th
Smith, Lamar, Texas, 21st
Snyder, Vic, Arkansas, 2nd
Sodrel, Michael E., Indiana, 9th
Solis, Hilda, California, 32nd
Souder, Mark E., Indiana, 3rd
Spratt, John, South Carolina, 5th
Stark, Fortney Pete, California, 13th
Stearns, Cliff, Florida, 6th
Strickland, Ted, Ohio, 6th
Stupak, Bart, Michigan, 1st
Sullivan, John, Oklahoma, 1st
Sweeney, John E., New York, 20th
Tancredo, Tom, Colorado, 6th
Tanner, John, Tennessee, 8th
Tauscher, Ellen, California, 10th
Taylor, Charles H., North Carolina, 11th
Taylor, Gene, Mississippi, 4th
Terry, Lee, Nebraska, 2nd
Thomas, Bill, California, 22nd
Thompson, Bennie G., Mississippi, 2nd
Thompson, Mike, California, 1st
Thornberry, Mac, Texas, 13th
Tiahrt, Todd, Kansas, 4th
Tiberi, Pat, Ohio, 12th
Tierney, John, Massachusetts, 6th
Towns, Edolphus, New York, 10th
Turner, Michael, Ohio, 3rd
Udall, Mark, Colorado, 2nd
Udall, Tom, New Mexico, 3rd
Upton, Fred, Michigan, 6th
Van Hollen, Chris, Maryland, 8th
Velázquez, Nydia M., New York, 12th
Visclosky, Peter, Indiana, 1st
Walden, Greg, Oregon, 2nd
Walsh, Jim, New York, 25th
Wamp, Zach, Tennessee, 3rd
Wasserman Schultz, Debbie, Florida, 20th
Waters, Maxine, California, 35th
Watson, Diane E., California, 33rd
Watt, Mel, North Carolina, 12th
Waxman, Henry, California, 30th
Weiner, Anthony D., New York, 9th
Weldon, Curt, Pennsylvania, 7th
Weldon, Dave, Florida, 15th
Weller, Jerry, Illinois, 11th
Westmoreland, Lynn A., Georgia, 8th
Wexler, Robert, Florida, 19th
Whitfield, Ed, Kentucky, 1st
Wicker, Roger, Mississippi, 1st
Wilson, Heather, New Mexico, 1st
Wilson, Joe, South Carolina, 2nd
Wolf, Frank, Virginia, 10th
Woolsey, Lynn, California, 6th
Wu, David, Oregon, 1st
Wynn, Albert, Maryland, 4th
Young, C.W. Bill, Florida, 10th
Young, Don, Alaska, At Large

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Hospital Bill, National Enquirer Star TV CNN, John Cameron Swayze,
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medicine forum beginner

Joined: 02 Jul 2005
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 02, 2005 3:46 am    Post subject: Re: he's a nut! Reply with quote

Barry wrote:
I'll repeat what ironjustice said:

"So since the .. mode of operation of interferon seems to be ..
suppression of red blood cell production .. therefore .. decreased
blood cell .. mass .. equivalent .. to .. bloodletting / venesection /
phlebotomy .. ?"

The abstract he posted also said that white blood cells were reduced,
and it said "IFN-alpha based therapies are associated with a decrease
in all three haematopoietic lineages." Sounds like maybe bloodletting
does something similar.

His response to "decreasing the number of red blood cells does not kill
HCV" was a link to something that says "The authors concluded that long
term maintenance of iron depletion by therapeutic phlebotomy prevents
progression of fibrosis in CHC. They suggest that chronic iron
reduction is a good alternative to interferon in treatment of CHC." Is
that a bad response? I don't know because most replies to him are
attacks with no useful information.

I don't know much about any of this, but I don't think this group is
intended only for those who are experts, and I'd appreciate some real
rebuttals that might be of use to someone like me, or at least the
absence of juvenile replies.

Barry, don't know which newsgroup you are associated with so this may
not reach you as I refuse to post to more than one group at a time if I
can help it. I'm giving you some of my own history since I'm no expert.
I have both Hemochromatosis and Hep-C. I was diagnosed with Cirrhosis
in 1992 when I had my first liver biopsy. Since 1992 I have been going
through phlebotomy treatments, except while going through tx for hep-c,
for the Hemochromatosis. I had a transjugular liver biopsy done
recently and was told that my liver was no worse than it was 13 years
ago. I honestly don't know if it was the phlebotomies, milk thistle,
hep-c tx's, stopping drinking, all of the above, or none of the above
which have helped my liver from getting worse. Don't know if this helps
or not, but thought I would add my .02 cents.

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 02, 2005 7:21 pm    Post subject: Re: circadian rhythm Reply with quote

You might find the following article of interest:

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Herman Rubin
medicine forum Guru Wannabe

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 04, 2005 5:16 pm    Post subject: Re: Can DiabetesT2/IR cause Obesity? Reply with quote

In article <1120363247.195508.19760@g44g2000cwa.googlegroups.com>,
Kumar <lordshiva5753@rediffmail.com> wrote:
SBH, thanks. But I think "converting sugar into fats" is a different
mechanism. Normal cells which takes gulucose are not involved here but
fat cells are involved. Insulin resistance for glucose metabolism may
not be involved here, but there can be some fats store limit/fats

"They generally don't. Not till later stages when the pancreas gives

Can't expression of excess insulin present due to IR or
induced/medicated discourage more insulin secretion from pancreas?

"Syndrome X", or whatever you want to call it, is not just
insulin resistance, and AFAIK not too much is known about
the chemicals involved. My own case might be interesting,
but I do not think it is necessarily typical.

Roughly 60 years ago, I went quickly (within a 2 year period)
from being sufficiently skinny that medical efforts were made
to increase my weight to having the reverse problem. Was this
the onset of Syndrome X? Remember that at that time it was
not known that Type 2 diabetics could be producing normal
amounts of insulin.

For the next 40 years, my fasting blood sugar stayed below the
limits then used, 140 mg/dl. About 5 years before the end of
that period, I exhibited behavior on a glucose tolerance test
which would NOW be immediate cause for treatment for diabetes,
going too high and then too low. Then suddenly, possibly from
getting a diuretic for high blood pressure, it went up and
stayed up. If anything, I waited too long to go on insulin,
and my C-peptide level, indication of pancreatic insulin production,
is in the normal range.

Can't this persistant long term expression of excess insulin cause
inactivity or damage to beta cells or autoimmunity?

This address is for information only. I do not claim that these views
are those of the Statistics Department or of Purdue University.
Herman Rubin, Department of Statistics, Purdue University
hrubin@stat.purdue.edu Phone: (765)494-6054 FAX: (765)494-0558
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medicine forum Guru

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 05, 2005 11:13 pm    Post subject: Re: Imperative / iron stores / diabetes Reply with quote

No .. I don't think .. I .. will ..

Maybe you should just .. STFU ..

See the thread ..?

It has something to do with iron and diabetes ..?

I'll spell it for you .. i-r-o-n .. d-i-a-b-e-t-e-s ..

Say something about .. iron OR .. diabetes ..

OR .. stfu ..

Too hard for ya .. ?

Must .. be ..

Who loves ya.

Jesus Was A Vegetarian!
Man Is A Herbivore!
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2005 9:42 pm    Post subject: Re: Where Viagra, Cialis, Levitra at the best price? Reply with quote

Which is it the site that has quality and a good price?



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